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Need a Better Handle on BYOD? Citrix & Aternity Give Answers May 9th

Val King
Posted by Val King on May 7, 2013 12:34:00 AM

The 2013 Mobile Enterprise Report, surveying 477 IT executives worldwide, found that IT is concerned about rising mobility costs and feeling frustration and loss of control over Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).   56% of respondents, up from 47 percent in 2011, have changed their corporate guidelines within the past year to be more accommodating of employees’ preferences for using personal devices.

81% percent of respondents said their company now accommodates personal devices in the office. 54% of surveyed executives said they have formal BYOD policies in place.

The survey also found that while many organizations allow BYOD not all of them have formal policies in place. Of the 72% of enterprises with enterprise mobility strategies in place, only 37% of IT managers thought their own company’s mobile strategy was effective.  35% felt their company had an insufficient approach.

How does your organization stack up?  Are you in the 28% with zero strategy, the 72% that have a strategy in place, or in the 35%+/- minus, that feel the strategy in place is not nearly effective enough?

If you are in the 64% that is feeling you need to get a better handle on mobile and BYOD, our webinar on Thursday, May 9th, may just give you some direction.

Today was my first opportunity to meet my fellow co-presenters for this Thursday’s webinar.  Sheryl Buscheck, Director of Product Marketing for Citrix and Lee Guthrie, Senior Sales Engineer for Aternity.  Together the three of us, with a host of additional people, began putting the final touches on our webinar Managing the Complete BYOD/Mobile Enterprise Experience.

I am very excited about what we are presenting and the combined capabilities of Citrix and Aternity we are going to be demonstrating.  For all of the enterprises out there trying to wrap their arms around a mobile/BYOD strategy, Citrix has assembled (through acquisition admittedly) the first end-to-end Mobile Device Management platform. 

There are no gaps to keep the CIO or Security Officer up at night.

Today the average American employee has 3.5 devices.  I don’t know about you, but I have been wondering where the other half of my extra iPhone went.  Still, three+ devices each on average and at least one of those devices is not owned by the company the person works for.

How do you deal with that?  Do you allow access to all of these different devices?  Do you allow corporate data to leave the building in DropBox and never come back?  How do you enable employees to be productive while still limiting the risk of your data getting away from you?

You need a strategy.  At a recent private luncheon, sitting in a big square with some top tier IT executives and the FBI, the hot topic of the day was that topic exactly, mobile strategy.  I was amazed at the various hoops these companies were jumping trying to provide a mobile strategy for their end users that would meet the requirements of all invested parties.
The FBI agents basically said mobile devices confiscating as part of an arrest was mined for data as needed.  Corporate data, personal data, it was just data to them and considered fair game in building their case.

No one left that lunch feeling secure about their mobile strategy, except us.

While it was not a good place to talk about what Citrix is doing with their mobile platform, I could not help thinking that a good number of the questions that the executives were asking one another were ones Citrix and Aternity together already have an answer for. 
On another level, it felt very exciting knowing that we are working with two great companies that truly get it and have the technology to solve the problem.

Citrix provides a great platform that provides a great experience for the end user and is a self-contained platform that enterprises can use to effectively use as a plug and play a mobile strategy.  Whitehat, of course, is all about making sure the End User Experience is optimal so that end users can be as productive as possible and that is where Aternity comes in.
Need to be able to manage and monitor XenApp or VDI delivered to mobile applications?  That is standard out of the box.

Want to understand how the cellular network, Wi-Fi network or the device hardware is impacting your end users ability to use their applications?  Again, ready to go, out of the box.
Does mobile signal strength impact an employee’s ability to use their mobile apps?  Yes.  Aternity sees that.

Thursday we are going to show you how Citrix is managing mobile end-to-end.  We are also going to show you live, how we make sure what the end users are experiencing as they use their applications is absolutely the best experience it can be.  If you have any interest in mobile or a BYOD strategy, register for the webinar, I think you will find the experience eye-opening. 

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If you would like to understand how Aternity is managing the mobile end user experience, you can get some additional information here.


Aternity will be at Synergy, Booth #426.  Team Whitehat will be at Synergy as well.

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