Whitehat Virtual Technologies Announces Citrix XenMaster Competition at Annual Virtualization & Mobility Conference - October 7, 2014 Austin, Texas

Posted by Jessica Adams on Jun 30, 2016 11:43:05 AM

Whitehat Virtual Technologies Announces Citrix XenMaster Competition at Annual Virtualization & Mobility Conference - October 7, 2014 Austin, Texas


Whitehat Virtual Technologies will host their annual Virtualization & Mobility Conference (VMXpo), October 7, 2014 at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center in Austin, Texas. A Citrix XenMaster Competition as well as advances in desktop virtualization, cloud, and mobility technology will be featured.

The latest in mobility, virtualization and cloud technologies, with nationally recognized leaders in the field, and a who’s-who in hardware and software technological leaders, will convene at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center in Austin, Texas, October 7, 2014 for the annual Virtualization & Mobilty EXPO (VMXpo). The event is sponsored by Whitehat Virtual Technologies, Dell, Citrix, NVIDIA, Microsoft, VMware, AppSense, Atlantis, Goliath Technologies, and RES Software.

Whitehat Virtual Technologies’ CEO Val King will kickoff the conference at 8:00 a.m., introducing returning keynote speaker Douglas A. Brown, founder of who is a nationally recognized Citrix and virtualization expert. Doug Brown’s distinctive style along with his 15 years of experience in the virtualization, cloud, and server-based computing technologies and markets, provides for an interesting, informative and entertaining discussion. One of the world’s leading GPU virtualization experts, Thomas Poppelgaard, who describes himself as a “Technology Evangelist,” will also be featured as one of the main speakers during the 2014 VMXpo.

“We understand that there has to be a lot of value in an event for you to justify spending time away from your office, so we bring all the key vendors in the application and desktop virtualization space together in one place, and provide lots of educational and instructional content on both a technical and business level. It was very well received last year, and we are really looking forward to this year’s show,” said Brad Truman, VP-Sales Whitehat Virtual Technologies. Each company will present during two breakout sessions in addition to providing literature, giveaways and expert representatives to answer questions.

The Citrix XenMaster Contes t is an on-site contest for Citrix technicians and consultants where participants will compete to repair deliberately broken Citrix environments to win a $100 Gift card and XenMaster trophy. Several identical Citrix XenApp farms, one per contestant, will be setup that are all broken in a variety of ways with issues ranging from very simple to very complex. While Citrix XenApp can touch a variety of different sub systems (SAN, Active Directory, the network, hypervisor, etc.) the issues themselves will all be contained within XenApp 6.x to keep the contest as straightforward and consistent as possible.

Exact specifications of each individual but identical farm will be published and provided the morning of the event with passwords and login details. The broken Citrix XenApp farms will be local to the venue and each will be directly connected to their respective farm. The contestants will have a set amount of time to resolve as many issues as possible. The winner will be the Citrix engineer that resolved the most issues in the time available.

Each contestant will have a standard console setup with the addition of simple cameras to catch the action. Everything the contestants do will be visible on individual 60" monitors mounted near each station so that all attendees can watch the contestants.

There will also be live Citrix Training Sessions at the event. “The MCS vs PVS Debate: Which One is Better?” and “Working with SSL Certificates” will be taught by Whitehat consultant and Citrix Certified Instructor Ken Avram.

VMXpo will provide ample opportunity for valuable networking for businesses and technicians. With the2013 VMXpo a huge success, along with this year’s added features, the 2014 Virtualization & Mobilty EXPO will no doubt be of pivotal value to business owners and technicians.

About VMXpo:
The 2013 VMXpo was well-attended, and succeeded in enriching the knowledge base and skill level of all in attendance. This year, VMXpo promises to provide even more technical expertise, skill development, and practical value for business owners, Citrix technicians, and for all those interested in Citrix certification. In the rapidly progressing field of desktop virtualization and mobility, competitive advantage needs to be continuously maintained. VMXpo helps all in attendance to keep pace with technological developments in desktop virtualization and mobility.

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