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Mobile Device Management in Austin, Texas

Jessica Adams
Posted by Jessica Adams on Sep 27, 2013 4:50:00 AM

Mobile Device Management in Austin, Texas

In the following video, Val King, President and CEO of Whitehat Virtual Technologies in Austin, Texas discusses the hot topic of Mobile Device Management. An abbreviated transcript can be found below the video. 

One extension of the end user experience moves into the realm of Mobile Device Management.  When employees use their own devices, how do corporations manage those mobile devices? How do they protect company information but allow for the productivity that those devices provide?

At Whitehat, we have an end to end platform to manage those issues from when you commission the mobile device to when you decommission that device. You have all of the security, policies and components you need to manage your mobile devices as an end to end platform. The one piece that is missing is, what is the end user experience like on that device and how does that affect the employees productivity? We’ve packed components around that to see the quality of your signal and how it impacts your ability to do your job. We are able to make adjustments and provide that back to you as a single service so as a company you get a way to protect and deliver your data and ensure the productivity is there for your end users.

Mobile Device Management is about the marriage of freedom and productivity, as well as security and cost for the corporation. We provide a single platform through Citrix to marry those two together and tie a metric back to that end user experience so ultimately you know what the final cost is to the organization so it can be managed and to deliver a level of productivity so you know it was worth the investment. 

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