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Simplifying the Path to a Great User Experience

Nothing is more important to the adoption of a Citrix or VMware virtual desktop solution than a great end user...

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Measuring Citrix Logon Performance: Give Users the Experience They Want

When it comes to the end-user experience, one of the most critical metrics is the users’ logon time. As the user’s...

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Why is Citrix Running Slow? Check These 5 Things First.

You’ve invested in Citrix to help your users work more efficiently from home, but you’re now concerned user...

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How to Add Citrix Virtual Desktops On-Demand to Meet Temporary Usage Spikes

With new lockdowns and various sets of employees sent home to work, we are seeing a spike in virtual desktop usage...

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7 Considerations for a Long-Term Work from Home Solution

Before sharing the 7 considerations, I want to share a use case of a law firm we recently worked with to help them...

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7 Reasons Why VDI is Built for Remote Work

COVID-19 forced most people around the world to a remote work environment almost overnight. Everyone had to figure...

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