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How to Add Citrix Virtual Desktops On-Demand to Meet Temporary Usage Spikes

With new lockdowns and various sets of employees sent home to work, we are seeing a spike in virtual desktop usage...

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Does Microsoft Excel Performance Improve with NVIDIA vGPU?

Q: Does Microsoft Excel performance improve with the addition of NVIDIA vGPU or AMD Firecards in VDI?

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What does NVIDIA Virtual GPU have to Offer?

In a 2019 whitepaper by IDC, research concluded that application performance improves 36% in virtual environments...

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New Licensing Options for Citrix Customers to Minimize Disruptions

COVID-19 is here, the office is a ghost town and employees are self-quarantined at home, hanging out of drive...

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6 Reasons Why a Proof of Concept Went Sideways...And How We Fixed It


An aviation industry organization decided to do an in-house Proof-of-Concept of VMware Horizon VDI with...

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Doing the Math Before the Math Does in Your VDI Environment

No less than 12 times over the last 18 months we have seen the following VDI disaster strike unsuspecting companies....

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