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One Reason the Competition is Out Innovating Your Company

Why are some firms able to deliver new IT projects and innovations three times faster than their competition with...

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Managing IT: 8 Lessons Learned After 90 Days

A financial services customer recently completed a self-assessment of their IT capability and did not like the...

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Whitehat Virtual Announces Partnership with BOXX Technologies

Partnership Provides “Easy Button” for Demanding VDI Scenarios with Proven Desktop Virtualization Expertise to...

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Say “Never Again” to 14 Things with VDI Appliances

Virtual Desktops (VDI) enable companies that utilize the technology to secure data and desktops in the data center...

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Are Your Users Hungry for More? 6 Ways to Serve Up a Great User Experience

Over the past year there has been much talk about how IT can better support the remote worker. To be certain, remote...

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Buy VDI Appliances? The Answer May Surprise You

The next generation of Whitehat’s Titanium HCI hyper-converged Citrix and VMware Horizon VDI-in-a-Box appliances...

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