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Can the AEC Industry REALLY Work from Anywhere?

Exploring the viability of “Work from Home” options for the Architecture, Engineering, Construction industries

With the...

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Citrix ADC, NetScaler Gateway, and NetScaler ADCs

It has been previously estimated that 75 percent of all Internet traffic passes through Citrix ADC (formerly Citrix...

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10 Reasons How VDI Can Solve Common Problems for AEC or M&E Companies

Over the last few years, I have met with many companies in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) or Media...

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Communicate Even More Easily and Effectively via Slack

Communication has changed dramatically over the years. We went from having basically no technology and having to send...

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Why Some Companies Grow Faster & Get More Done?

Taking an operational view of IT with like-minded partners fuels forward momentum and real productivity gains for...

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Why is Citrix Slow?

Q: Why is Citrix slow?

A: 80% of the time it is not really Citrix that is slow, but that is the end users' perception...

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