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Are Managed IT Services For You?

Madison King
Posted by Madison King on Oct 26, 2022 9:00:00 AM

In a perfect world, every organization would have a full-time IT staff supporting all IT needs. This individual or team would take care of any and all issues that arise each day without anyone else needing to worry or do anything about it. But this approach can be costly. In some cases, very costly. It can be equally challenging to fill all the necessary positions with qualified people, especially for smaller businesses.

Managed IT services is an alternative to this “perfect world” scenario that can be the answer for many organizations. Managed IT services allow you access to crucial IT talent on demand and pay for help when you need it. The following is a list of reasons you should consider utilizing managed IT services for your business:

1. Lowering costs – Outsourcing IT services removes the need to have a full-time IT staff. Instead, you can pay for what you need while lowering running costs. Having managed IT services can mean investing in preventative measures to ensure more significant, more costly problems don't happen in the future.

  1. 2. Risk reduction – Managed IT services can help mitigate the risk of system outages and data loss and provide your organization with disaster recovery planning. Disaster planning and management are critical when recovering from data breaches, widespread system failure, damaged infrastructure and even natural disasters.
  3. 3. Accessibility – Outsourced IT services allow for constant monitoring of your organization's computer system and quick, consistent access to your IT team for any trouble that comes your way. Having an IT team ready to help you whenever you need it reduces the time you spend trying to solve problems and allows quick access to your personal team of IT experts.
  5. 4. Security – According to Forbes Magazine, cybercrime cost U.S businesses more than $6.9 billion in 2021 and is projected to continue to rise in the coming years. Managed IT services provide you with the relief of knowing a trusted team of experts is constantly looking for risks and harmful activity while you focus on building your business. Some managed IT services include logging, monitoring and reporting activity, devices and users on your organization's network and computer systems. The security provided by managed IT services also include maintaining firewalls and VPNs between users and the Internet and ensuring all upgrades and patches are installed correctly without introducing new vulnerabilities to your organization.
  7. 5. Remain competitive – Technology continues to change and evolve each year, so staying competitive and up to date with innovations can give your organization an edge if you can keep up. Having managed IT services address ongoing IT management needs allows time to explore innovation. Managed IT services give you external IT staff helping you manage company growth and change the technology-related solutions when needed, without having to dedicate the time and effort of any of your team members to the task. Having updates and growth managed keeps your staff working while all the adjustments are made behind the scenes. Some IT-managed services companies have reached a high level of IT maturity, incorporating many IT best practices that you otherwise might have to take the time to develop. Beyond access to the latest and greatest technological advances that might propel your businesses forward with state-of-the-art technology, IT managed services firms can bring process and operational excellence to your organization years before you could develop the same maturity and capability.

If you’re still wondering if managed IT services are right for your business, it’s time to take the next step. Managed IT services firms can provide a wider pool of IT talent (often available on demand), reduce risk, improve the end-user experience, improve security and improve organizational productivity while removing IT staffing efforts and decreasing the time and money spent dealing with technical support issues. Discover how Whitehat Virtual can help you realize the benefits of managed IT services here, then reach out to see how we can help.

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