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Communicate Even More Easily and Effectively via Slack

Abhijit Dhar
Posted by Abhijit Dhar on Nov 10, 2021 1:12:22 PM

Communication has changed dramatically over the years. We went from having basically no technology and having to send letters to someone, to having everything at the touch of our hands. Now we have telephones, cellphones, computers, email, and more, which makes the way we humans communicate extremely easy and fast.

In business communication, apps and programs have been sprouting up in a variety of forms and functions. The most popular recent app that everyone seems to be using is Slack. Slack organizes conversations into channels, where everyone can come together in one place to share ideas, make decisions, and move work forward. It helps teams operate faster and stay in sync, wherever they are. Ask anyone that uses it and many of them will say that it has significantly helped them, and their organizations improve the overall communication internally.

But what if you could make Slack even more effective and easy to utilize? What if you could simplify and automate your internal communication processes even more? We believe you can, and we provide the very tool to do so.

Welcome to Wooster

What’s Wooster, you say? Well… Wooster, from Whitehat Virtual Technologies, is a bi-directional integration tool that helps the Slack app communicate easily with the Autotask Professional Services Automation (PSA). It allows MSPs that already use Slack as their internal communication tool to easily collaborate on and document tickets in Autotask PSA.

So how does Wooster work? Good question. Wooster leverages the slash commands on Slack desktop and the mobile app to enable MSP employees and resources to create, edit, and complete tickets and tasks. Consider the following benefits of using Wooster with the Slack:

  • Use slash commands to interact with Autotask PSA tickets Simple commands, including /mytickets, /createticket, /ticketinfo, /clienttickets, /integrateme can be used to create tickets in Autotask via Slack.
  • Quickly display a list of tickets for an assigned user – Using the /mytickets slash command on Slack, users can quickly display all tickets assigned to them (either primary or secondary resource on the ticket).
  • Instantly create a ticket in Autotask for a client – Using the /creatticket slash command in Slack, users can create a ticket in Autotask for a client when issued in a channel dedicated to a specific customer.

As you’ve likely already realized, Wooster requires an active Autotask account and a paid subscription, but the integration tool can automatically update each customer-centric Slack channel (should they be defined for each client) with any new ticket that is created in Autotask for said client.

Wooster is a great tool for MSPs looking for an easy way to create, edit, and complete client tickets and tasks. Wooster is available now and can be evaluated with a free 30-day trial available here. After the 30-day trial, Wooster is just $7 per user, per month. Annual programs receive a 15 percent discount and volume discounts are also available for environments with 25 or more users.

Simplify your collaboration and ticket creation in Autotask today with Wooster. It will streamline your internal communications and collaboration using Slack for a single, integrated solution for ticket and task management. To learn more, click here for the solution brief and register for your free evaluation today.

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