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Whitehat Will Cure Your IT Staffing Aches and Pains

Jessica Adams
Posted by Jessica Adams on May 18, 2016 8:30:26 AM

Between increasing regulatory pressures, aggressive ransomware menaces, and thefts from disgruntled employees — among other threats — healthcare organizations are of necessity ever more reliant on dependable and efficient IT systems to not only protect their data from theft,  inaccessibility and noncompliance but also to increase worker productivity.  

Many, if not most, small to intermediate-sized healthcare organizations — doctor’s offices, radiological groups, labs, small hospitals — have wisely selected Citrix to manage their networks and data storage.

With its server/thin client model, a properly managed Citrix environment inherently provides the security, accessibility and storage capacity necessitated by laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), which mandate a move to securely stored electronic health records.

With Citrix’s great capabilities, however, comes a
complex administration challenge.

Getting the most out of Citrix requires an expertise not commonly held by most — even the most skilled — IT engineers. And when so much is at stake (patient data, your brand), your Citrix environment needs to be in the most capable hands possible.

But finding those expert hands is difficult. Sourcing and onboarding true Citrix experts — with years of experience optimizing and maintaining complex Citrix environments — is extremely challenging. Not only are such experts scarce, they’re also very expensive, from a salary perspective. And if you’re in a less-populous region, your pool of candidates is likely to be fairly meager, and you’ll probably have to relocate someone from elsewhere, incurring more cost.

What often happens is that you add Citrix to the responsibilities of your existing IT person or persons, and they work really hard to keep the environment working, but it’s not something they have a lot of experience with, and then there are the daily fires that erupt, and so maintenance gets pushed to the bottom of the list, and before you know it, the environment is out of sync and vulnerabilities materialize, and by the way did you know it’s now taking your users a full two minutes to log in to each session??

Another scenario: You go ahead and spend the big bucks to hire the expensive Citrix expert. And because this person knows exactly what he’s doing, he needs to only spend about two hours a day on Citrix-related chores. The rest of the time, he’s doing more common IT work. At that exorbitant Citrix-expert salary. How smart is that?

A smarter way to handle all this is by bringing in Whitehat
to take the investment that you’ve already made
and make it as efficient and productive as possible.

At Whitehat, we do Citrix. We do Citrix environments. We’re experts at not only the core Citrix technologies but also at the eleven or so associated systems that work in support of Citrix. Additionally, we have abundant expertise specific to healthcare. In fact, one of our top executives does double-duty as the CIO of a 93-bed trauma hospital in south Texas — he knows firsthand the challenges that face a healthcare IT department, and he’s happy to lend that experience to Whitehat’s customers.

And the beauty of our system is that not only do you get unparalleled Citrix expertise when you need it, you also get our attention only when you need it. That’s right  — we’ll custom-craft a service package for you that ensures your network, servers and endpoints are compliant and remain that way, because we’ll give it just the right amount of attention to keep your environment running smoothly and efficiently, while, incidentally, greatly increasing worker productivity along the way. And then we’ll step out of the way to let your in-house handle the rest of your IT needs.

Sound like a dream? It can be your reality and we’re happy to put you in touch with current clients who are living the worry-free Citrix dream, and let them share their experience with you.

Protect your brand and your data from non-compliance, thieves, mistakes and other threats by calling Whitehat today to ensure your Citrix environment is a dream, not a nightmare.

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