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8 Ways Whitehat Can Save You Time Managing Your Citrix Environment

Val King
Posted by Val King on Feb 21, 2017 9:00:00 AM

We could all use a little more time each day but time just seems to get away from us. That stuff is either very slippery or we are just all very bad at remembering where we put it. 

To do our part and help you find, retain or corral more of this elusive elixir of life called time Whitehat has come up with 8 ways we can help customers using Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop or any flavor of Citrix for that matter enjoy more free time.

  1. Whitehat makes Citrix perform the way the Citrix sales guy said it would, like it does in the commercials, guaranteeing that performance every day. You get your IT staff back for more important endeavors. No more hours spent trying to figure out why it is not working right or creating a bald spot from scratching your head.

  2. Remember how fast the last computer you bought was when it was fresh out of the gate? We give you that experience every day. The way we build Citrix you get a new, flaming fast PC every morning when you come to work with that picture of you and your dog Max still saved as your background image.

  3. The average login time for a Citrix environment is 40 seconds according to Citrix. Many that we see for the first time are a minute or longer. The worst was over an hour. Across all of the Citrix environments Whitehat hosts, manages or supports, the average login time for a desktop is 17 seconds, the fastest is 5 seconds.

  4. No more multi-hour Citrix support calls. If you have ever called Citrix for help you probably waited two hours to get to someone who had a general idea of what you were talking about that then wanted you to patch and update every Citrix system you own before they would even begin support your specific problem. Your journey likely ended with the sun closer to going down than coming up, at Level 2 Citrix support after several more hours. Whitehat’s average issue resolution time is 30 minutes, with direct access to Tier 3 support and even to Citrix if necessary, but we have a faster path in as Citrix partners, costing our customers nothing, not even time.

  5. Whitehat DART (Documentation Automation in Real Time) updates the network documentation of your Citrix environment in real time. Add a new Citrix server and watch it populate into the Visio at the right location with its name, IP address and its connections to other servers in the environment. Never have out of date or incomplete network documentation again. You can mark that task off your list.
  6. No pain patching. Whitehat combs through all Microsoft patches, even the private ones, each month doing our best to make sure nothing will break your environment and manages the deployment of approved patches automatically with reporting so you can trust but verify what got done.

  7. Free Citrix upgrades, for life. Every three years, or five if you push it, it is time to upgrade Citrix again. Somewhere between two and six weeks of your working life gone. Oh, the pain, the agony, the… nope. Whitehat manages and completes your upgrades for free and not even every three years, but at least every other year and in some cases multiple times a year. You might need to buy some new hardware from time to time, but we take care of everything else. That’s 10 days of your life back. We are not jacking around here.

  8. Expert support for everything else that likes to break, beat up, or bend your Citrix environment. When end users report a Citrix issue or complain that “Citrix is slow”, 80% of the time the root cause has nothing to do with Citrix. It could be a database problem, it could be that sketchy storage appliance in the corner, it could be Group Policy, who knows, but we have an expert for it, we will find it and fix it. Meeting our guarantees depends upon it.

  9. Fixing problems before you knew there was a problem. When employees have an IT problem their productivity and the quality of the end user experience often goes in the weeds. Today with our agents and tooling we are monitoring 1500 discrete points and remediating an average of 40% of the issues that can negatively impact a Citrix environment automatically before end users ever notice there is a problem, and we are working hard to improve that number every day.

  10. Computers that can’t be attacked. Where possible we strip down the end point computers, remove everything that could negatively impact the user experience or slow the device down, lock it down from a security perspective, and in some cases eliminate the need to patch the endpoint by taking it off the domain altogether. Employees get speed, performance in many cases faster than a PC while maintaining their personalizations.

While we have had a bit of fun here, we hope you understand that getting your Citrix environment to deliver on the outcomes you first bought it to accomplish is not only possible, but something we are doing every day and it is very important to us. If you are having anything less than a positive Citrix experience, stop tolerating it. It should not be that way and you deserve better. The money has been spent, the least we can do is get the experience right.

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