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Val King

Val King
As CEO of Whitehat, Val King is responsible for leading the company’s product development and technology strategy. His daily goal is to consistently improve "the last 18in between the screen and the end-user."
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Taking Away the Desktop Management Headache with DaaS

Desktop management has long been the bane of IT’s existence. In office settings, IT personnel are forced to refresh PCs...

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The Benefits of Mobile Device Management

The process of using a software program to secure, manage, monitor and support mobile devices deployed across an...

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Virtual Desktop Success Stories: Case Studies

With Whitehat’s installation of a new VDI environment, we can help manage your company's IT infrastructure, and improve...

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Seven VDI Benefits in a Tough Economy & Three Mistakes to Avoid

A recent McKinsey survey uncovered the risks that a consensus of executives is worried about for 2022 and beyond....

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Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud – Which to Choose?

When it comes to business, cloud computing seems to be on everyone’s mind.

This next generation of computing technology...

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IT Consulting Rates: Getting the Most from your IT Consulting Dollar

It comes as no surprise that IT is a complicated and vast field. It’s virtually impossible for organizations at any...

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