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How to Add Citrix Virtual Desktops On-Demand to Meet Temporary Usage Spikes

Val King
Posted by Val King on Feb 15, 2021 9:00:00 AM

With new lockdowns and various sets of employees sent home to work, we are seeing a spike in virtual desktop usage in our customer environments.

Before buying more long-term licensing to solve a short-term problem, it might make sense to look at a unique Citrix licensing model available through a small number of Citrix partners. There are three different licensing models, but today we will cover one of them.

The Scenario:
A company with perpetual and/or new subscription Citrix licensing, with virtual apps/desktops being delivered from their data center(s), has

1. A segment of the company’s user population, that has not used virtual desktops or applications in the past, have been sent home to work
2. They need published applications or virtual desktops temporarily to meet lockdown restrictions
3. The company is fully utilizing their Citrix licensing and does not have additional licensing available to meet the temporary need
4. The company is not excited about buying licenses that they are likely only going to need a few days/weeks/months

The Solution:
Citrix partners, like Whitehat, can provide month-to-month Citrix licensing to be used in parallel with the existing onsite Citrix infrastructure and licensing. At a high level, leveraging Citrix Cloud with Site Aggregation, end users will get a common login experience, regardless of which pool of licenses they access. The company can run their perpetual licenses in parallel with this temporary Citrix licensing in whatever quantity is needed to meet the temporary need.

The company only pays for the extra licensing they use, on a consumption basis, with the ability to turn licensing up or down in any desired quantity on a month-to-month basis.

With this model, there is no new Citrix or Microsoft licensing to purchase, just subscribe as long as needed to meet the demand.

Other Use Cases

Mergers and Acquisitions
This is certainly not the only use case where this licensing model makes sense. Companies engaged in M&A activity, for instance, can leverage this licensing model while trying to assimilate an acquisition and put in a more permanent licensing model once the final employee counts have been determined.

Temporary Citrix Licensing for Retail Sites
For retail-focused companies wanting to setup temporary or seasonal stores to meet spikes in demand, this licensing model is ideal because there are no lingering costs once the temporary need is met.

Temporary Citrix licensing for Law Firms
Law firms involved in trials far from their offices can setup a temporary workspace leveraging temporary Citrix licensing for any specialists, temporary team members, or staff not normally using Citrix published applications and/or desktops, to meet situational needs.

There are a number of use cases and licensing options to meet the short and long term needs of Citrix customers.

There are Citrix appliance solutions, which are Citrix deployments licensed and managed by experts, making the deployment of virtual desktops as easy as possible. There are cloud delivered solutions, and probably a half-dozen other ways to deliver the right virtual desktop experience to workers with a minimal amount of cost and effort.

A number of tools and models are available beyond the traditional “buy more licenses” model that might be a better fit for your unique use case. I encourage you to explore the options available today as there are many different ways to successfully put applications and desktops in front of workers to keep them productive, no matter where they are working from.

Perhaps more exciting is that there are options available to deliver Citrix applications and desktops to employees providing a guaranteed great end user experience that require no hardware purchases, no licensing purchases, no on-staff Citrix expertise, or ongoing management effort.

It has never been easier to get a guaranteed great VDI experience.

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