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Set it and Forget it Doesn’t Work with Citrix

Val King
Posted by Val King on Apr 6, 2016 1:22:49 PM
So here’s a problem we see all the time. network.jpgWe’re called in to investigate a Citrix environment gone bad and we see that virtually nothing’s been changed/upgraded/updated in the X number of months/years since the system was initially architected and set up. Outdated software, old hardware — nothing’s current, and the environment isn’t functioning properly. What happened? Upon further investigation we usually find that the IT staff was out of their comfort zone with the new system,  were hesitant to “mess with anything” and so did nothing.

What’s wrong with setting it up and just letting it run?

The problem with setting up a Citrix environment and then ignoring it, is that under that scenario, it doesn’t take long for the Citrix environment to degrade, or more accurately, for all the systems Citrix interacts with to degrade. It’s important to keep up with hardware and software updates and patching. As the business changes, new applications are added, new vulnerabilities and subsequent patches are discovered, and those changes must be accounted for. As new business practices are adopted, those practices need to be architected into the IT environment. The servers need to be maintained on a regular basis.

Constant Vigilance: Method #1

If your IT staff is completely knowledgeable and comfortable managing a Citrix environment, then they need to be continually monitoring your environment and performing necessary maintenance, updates and upgrades as necessary.  If they need additional education in order to take on these responsibilities, get them the training they need.  The best time to do this is either just before or after a new implementation or upgrade, as they will learn a lot and get to apply what they learned, which helps the training stick.

To simply “let the system run” will enable a rapid devaluation of your expensive and carefully planned IT network.  Security vulnerabilities will soon follow.

Constant Vigilance: Method #2

If your team isn’t 100% comfortable with Citrix, and you want them focused on other things anyway, call in the experts. Whitehat will function as an extension of your IT team. With our Citrix Managed Services or “Rent an Architect” Program, you instantly have access to several additional team members who are highly skilled Citrix experts. For a monthly retainer — likely less than it is costing you to manage Citrix today — Whitehat will be continuously vigilant at keeping your Citrix environment up to date and running smoothly.  Twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tune in for our next blog, where we’ll describe the opposite problem we often see at failing Citrix installations…. IT folks who think they know more than they actually do about managing a Citrix environment.

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