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Simplifying the Path to a Great User Experience

Val King
Posted by Val King on May 6, 2021 7:56:42 AM

Nothing is more important to the adoption of a Citrix or VMware virtual desktop solution than a great end user experience. With all of VDI’s benefits for enabling employees to work from anywhere, on any type of device, while simplifying endpoint management and protecting and securing company data, challenges may arise that could derail a great end-user experience in the making.

To simplify your path to a great VDI experience, which makes both users and IT happy, take a page from the playbook Whitehat Virtual developed from supporting and managing VDI environments. Whitehat Virtual cataloged over 1,500 leading practices developed from optimizing Citrix and VMware environments, helping companies get the most from their investments. On your journey to making the most of your VDI estate, follow these steps:

  • Assess Where to Begin – Citrix & VMware users need to get help to determine where to begin. An environment sizing assessment is the perfect way to determine the hardware specifications, sizing, user density, and licensing for a virtual environment before the first budget dollar is spent. Knowing exactly what to buy before you begin is the best way to set on the path to VDI success.

Tip: Under-sized or over-subscribed hardware are issues in approximately 35 percent of all Citrix and VMware Horizon Assessments Whitehat delivers annually, and it is a problem that can be avoided 100 percent of the time.

  • Test Your Proof of Concept – A trial virtual desktop, loaded with your key applications and data, can help Citrix and VMware Horizon users experience what the goal should look and feel like before they get there. To better predict the future, experience firsthand what a great VDI experience should look like with a trial desktop. Prove the concept with a simple, inexpensive engagement and see firsthand how the experience will be at scale before making a large investment.

Tip: A proof-of-concept environment can typically be delivered in a few days with your key applications and data to get a true feel for what the experience can be like. It might be the best early VDI investment you can make.

  • Take the 30-Second Challenge – Citrix/VMware login times should be 30 seconds or faster. Anything longer is a strong opportunity for improvement and likely costing you $1,000-$1,300 per employee, per year in lost productive time according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Can your login times get under 30 seconds? Ninety-seven percent of the time that is a yes, if the data from Whitehat Virtual’s near-decade long 30 Second Challenge is to be believed.

What began years ago as a fun challenge continues today, guaranteeing that client Citrix or VMware Horizon environment logins will be 30 seconds or faster after eight hours, or the work to make it flaming fast is free. A little bit of fun and a lot of success has proven time and time again that there is almost always more performance to be gained in any Citrix/VMware environment.

  • Realize the Dream – For owners of virtual desktop environments, nothing is more satisfying than completing the journey to a great user experience. If this is you, congratulations and welcome to the club. For those that need a guaranteed path to VDI success and a great end-user experience, Citrix or VMware VDI appliances may be the solution.

Titanium HCI, turn-key Citrix and VMware hardware appliances, combine hand-picked hardware components to maximize performance for single threaded applications or standard knowledge worker environments with Whitehat’s expertise and reputation guaranteeing success. 24/7/365.

Extraordinary challenges with virtual applications and virtual desktops that need an extraordinary response can present themselves occasionally. Every customer of these virtual environments deserves a great end user experience. From those at the beginning of the journey to seasoned veterans, from the most basic to the most powerful NVIDIA virtual GPU enabled desktops, these practices and tools exist to get it right, keep it right, and even guarantee it.                     

If your experience is currently less than optimal, please reach out to us today and learn more about the tools for simplifying the path to a great VDI experience and Whitehat Virtual’s 30 Second Challenge.”

For more information on how to get Citrix running at optimal performance, and delivering the best user experience, join us on May 26 for the webinar, 3 Key Reasons Your Citrix is Slow, and How to Resolve Them – Permanently.” 

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