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Whitehat Virtual Now Offers NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

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Posted by Whitehat Virtual News on Mar 29, 2022 10:45:00 AM

As an NVIDIA Preferred Partner, Whitehat Virtual Will Help Professionals Across Industries Transform Complex 3D Design Workflows with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

AUSTIN, Texas – March 29, 2022 Whitehat Virtual, the expert in “work from anywhere” IT, today announced that it is an NVIDIA Preferred Partner delivering and supporting the new NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise solution for end-to-end design collaboration of complex 3D design workflows. Offering customized professional services for architecting, implementing and supporting customers using NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, Whitehat Virtual is helping design teams work across multiple software suites and collaborate in real time using a shared virtual space.

“When it comes to high performance, 3D design, collaboration in real time is very valuable. But achieving this at scale can be a challenge,” said Val King, President and CEO, Whitehat Virtual. “Now, with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, design teams have the solution they need to manage their 3D production pipelines while collaborating with efficiency in a shared virtual space. It’s a gamechanger for teams looking to improve their innovation and time to market. Whitehat Virtual is pleased to be an NVIDIA Preferred Partner supporting this revolutionary new solution.”

“Whitehat Virtual is an expert source for NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise implementation and support capabilities,” said Bob Pette, VP of Professional Visualization, NVIDIA. “They are an ideal partner for customers that need to optimize their accelerated visualization environments and are a valuable member of the NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise partner ecosystem.”

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise delivers the future of real-time collaboration for design professionals where 3D workflows are essential. Using NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, customers can transform complex 3D design workflows while enabling global teams to collaborate and work across multiple software suites, in real time, in a shared virtual space.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is offered as part of Whitehat Virtual’s suite of solutions for professional visualization. For more information, please visit https://www.whitehatvirtual.com/omniverse.

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