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4 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Jessica Adams
Posted by Jessica Adams on Mar 24, 2015 3:30:00 AM


Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is the process of using a software program to secure, manage, monitor and support mobile devices deployed across an organization. Mobile devices include but are not limited to tablet computers, smart phones, ruggedized mobile computers, mobile printers, and mobile phones. MDM includes both company owned devices and BYOD (bring your own device) which are mobile devices owned by an employee but used for work. 

Employees are increasingly able to access company data through the use of mobile devices, making it necessary for companies to establish a system of mobile monitoring. Companies need to achieve a balance: enabling employees to be more productive by allowing them to use mobile devices while at the same time, securing and monitoring company data. Mobile device management can reduce support costs and reduce business risks when deployed properly.

4 Benefits of Mobile Device Management

At Whitehat, we have an end to end mobile management platform that contains all of the security, policies and components you need to manage your mobile devices from when you commission to when you decommission a mobile management device.  We focus specifically on what the end user experience is like on that device and how it affects the employees productivity. To do this, we’ve packed components around the product so that we can see the quality of your signal and how it impacts the employees ability to do their job. We are able to make adjustments and provide feedback to you as a single service so as a company you get a way to protect and deliver your data and ensure that your end users have ultimate productivity. 

  1. Whitehat offers several ways to secure applications for personal endpoint mobile devices that can be controlled, monitored, and removed without affecting the personal programs and data that reside on the device. 
  2. Secure applications can be provided by and easy-to-use, self-service storefront similar to Apple iTunes, but under the complete control of your corporation making BYOD that much easier to securely implement within your company. 
  3. Productivity Monitoring - Protect Data, Deliver Data, Ensure Productivity. We automatically determine the baseline performance of a given application, are notified when these applications are performing outside the norm by a percentage you specify, and take corrective action without the user even requesting assistance. 
  4. Signal strength is monitored to determine performance comparisons between IOS and Android versions.

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