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Brad Truman

Brad Truman
Brad Truman has been a mover and shaker within the IT industry for over 40 years. As VP of Sales, Brad has used his wealth of expertise to help create better-focused Whitehat services.

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How Does Microsoft Licensing Work with Citrix?

We recently posted a guide to Citrix licensing, which has confounded users since the beginning of time. We also are...

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How Does Citrix Licensing Work?

Citrix licensing has long been a subject of MUCH confusion to Citrix users around the world. In order to alleviate some...

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How IT Services Have Changed in the Last 50 Years

It’s really interesting how far IT services have come in the last 50 years as computer systems have become more and...

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We are hearing a lot about graphics processing units or “GPUs” these days, so what are they and what makes them...

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