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Virtual Desktop Success Stories: Case Studies

Val King
Posted by Val King on Aug 25, 2022 12:52:20 PM

With Whitehat’s installation of a new VDI environment, we can help manage your company's IT infrastructure, and improve overall login time and endpoint performance to help achieve cost savings. Our 2022 Case Study results shed light on the problems your IT likely faces daily and provide the solutions needed to improve your company's revenue. 

The following are five case studies highlighting some of our customers’ virtual desktop success stories:

Global Distributor: Custom application performance, poor Citrix user experience, windows 10 mitigation, and unified collaboration for remote workers are a handful of the challenges this customer faced. Expertise from Whitehat Virtual has enabled improvement in the quality and management of its global Citrix infrastructure, shortening login times and significantly reducing support issues.

Lighting Electrical Giant: With the help of Whitehat Virtual, this customer was able to redesign its network infrastructure, optimize its Citrix 6.5 environment, maximize output, cut login times to between 11 to 20 seconds, and achieve 15% cost savings. 

Acute Care Hospital: Whitehat helped with an IT infrastructure upgrade, in-depth assessment of the existing environment using proprietary monitoring tools, and helped this customer tackle three key areas - Citrix login time, endpoint performance and AMD servers against legacy Intel servers. As a result, this hospital has solved 40% of its issues before any end-user impact and Citrix compliance is now consistently at 98%.

Regional Retailer:  Network instability and random outages left this customer with little ability to maintain adequate inventories or even Point of Sale systems. By migrating to a new VDI environment with Whitehat’s help, they now have the ability to take advantage of short-term opportunities and market hotspots when they are present.

Texas Bank: This customer faced multiple issues, including printing problems, persistent profile inconsistencies, login time, and overall slow performance. Whitehat first assessed a complete redesign of the network infrastructure, followed by a successful Citrix upgrade, to establish an annual budget for the bank's IT, resulting in 100% improvement. Whitehat also helped this bank achieve savings of over $150,000 in labor.

To learn more about how Whitehat can help improve your IT infrastructure, visit our website or contact us with any inquiries. Don’t forget to check out our blog on Seven VDI Benefits in a Tough Economy and Three Mistakes to Avoid!

Whitehat Virtual is technology rocket fuel for companies that depend on technology to grow. Clients benefit instantly from the collective experiences gained managing thousands of end-users worldwide, blazing new trails following the well-traveled paths with those that have been there before.

With every ticket we close, every issue root-cause we identify, every process we set in place or project we complete, Whitehat gets better and better at fulfilling our purpose.

This is Whitehat Virtual Technologies This is who we are. This is what you could be a part of. Discover how Whitehat Virtual can help you realize the benefits of a managed  IT services model here, then reach out to see how we can help.

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