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The Why Behind Managed IT: Whitehat Virtual Technologies

Val King
Posted by Val King on Feb 9, 2022 7:00:00 AM

I have been asked several times what our mission and focus are at Whitehat Virtual Technologies. The message for me has been clear since the Whitehat journey began in a Steak & Shake restaurant on October 4, 2012.

No entrepreneur wakes up one day saying they dream of an office with rooms full of computers, printers, and maybe a fax machine. They want to practice law, sell flower arrangements, build buildings, or fry donuts at 4 in the morning; the technology follows the dream.

Every business needs IT. Every business buys IT. Every business uses IT. But IT can be deceptively challenging. It’s too easy to stumble through these three steps, unnecessarily compounding risk, getting behind because of bad decisions, and not being able to catch up. They don’t know the game.

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At its simplest, IT is about translating dollars into data and back into dollars as efficiently as possible, ideally growing more dollars on each cycle. Either dollars saved through improved productivity or dollars invested, creating more dollars from new capabilities.

Those with the best data-to-dollar translation machines or IT departments typically succeed more than their less efficient peers. Good use of technology enables the growth of more and more dollars until the competition can’t compete.

Whitehat Virtual Technologies is the IT department every company wishes they had. Whitehat removes technology as a barrier for companies, free to be their best, grow and go where mission and market take them with confidence knowing the right IT expertise is always there to support them.

We've been recognized by Expertise.com as a leader in our industry, and we have a long list if clients that consider us their irreplaceable IT partner. 

Whitehat Virtual is technology rocket fuel for companies that depend on technology to grow. Clients benefit instantly from the collective experiences gained managing thousands of end-users worldwide, blazing new trails following the well-traveled paths with those that have been there before.

With every ticket we close, every issue root-cause we identify, every process we set in place or project we complete, Whitehat gets better and better at fulfilling our purpose.

This is Whitehat Virtual Technologies This is who we are. This is what you could be a part of. Discover how Whitehat Virtual can help you realize the benefits of a managed  IT services model here, then reach out to see how we can help.Contact us today

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