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Why “Operational View” Partners Help Companies Grow and Get More Done

Val King
Posted by Val King on Jan 18, 2022 7:00:00 AM

As all companies grow, technology purchasing decisions and even end-user productivity are impacted by two differing views of IT from outside partners — either a Consultative or an Operational View of IT. The subtle differences between them can result in one company being more competitive.

What's the difference, who wins . . . and why?

The “Consultative View” partner is incented to focus on short-term fixes and wins. Frequently reactive to immediate virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment issues or related to new builds, they're inversely passive about preventing future outages or complaints and lax on user experience improvements. Communication is commonly geared toward driving purchase decisions or minimally meeting the warranty period on their systems. Future outages can lead to future project revenue.

On the other hand, the “Operational View” partner takes the long view tempered with experience. They look beyond simply surviving a warranty period to more subtle elements often overlooked. For these partners, taking an Operational View means understanding that acquiring and implementing a new technology or application is only the beginning. Any new technology must be managed and maintained effectively to achieve its fundamental purpose within the organization, realize an ROI, and work to the organization's benefit. vdi partner Getting a Competitive Advantage

By taking a holistic view of the company's operations, processes and goals, Operational View partners empower IT to be at the forefront of scaling opportunities for internal process automation, end-user experience, employee effectiveness, and bottom line profitability. Companies that engage these partners can often streamline internal processes from end-user feedback, support ticket data, NetPromoter Scores (NPS), and cross-company lessons learned, giving them a competitive advantage to scale faster through Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

VDI is all about securely delivering applications to end-users and giving them a great user experience to maximize productivity. Companies that align with Operational View partners gain a competitive edge by understanding patterns in the data revealed by end-user activity — often through support tickets. Because these partners are actively participating in the VDI environment, they're able to:

  • Identify where the user experience fails. (What's broken?)
  • Diminish repetitious tickets. (Why is this happening frequently?)
  • Downgrade the support ticket level required. (How can this be automated?)
  • Improve end-user experience with technology. (Can we shorten the steps?)
  • Avoid missteps, take advantage of lessons learned and avoid known problematic solutions

Because Operational View partners are continually refining the system to maximize user workflow, they improve user experience while in the VDI environment, look for patterns within the support data available, and make recommendations to empower the users to resolve issues themselves with automated solutions. But not all managed VDI services providers embrace this view since it takes a diligent commitment to understand and properly review systems data to identify system weaknesses and ticket issue sources.

How can you spot those partners that do? Look for these attributes:

  • Are they internally incentivized to improve my business?
  • Do their systems under management survive past their warranty periods?
  • Do they recommend best practices that they've developed in-house from experience?
  • Do they have fixed management fees with accountability for uptime?
  • Do they initiate responsibility for support ticket improvements?
  • Are they continually refining time, effort, and energy spent on ticket issues?

Delivering a Seamless Managed VDI Experience

At Whitehat Virtual, we make it easy for your end-users to work from anywhere with a seamless managed VDI experience. Most companies aren't leveraging the transformative power of technology because they perceive it to be too costly, complex, or they have yet to find their Operational View partner.

We understand how frustrating it is when IT gets in the way of your company's ability to scale. We remove technology, skill set, and geographic barriers so you can turn IT into a competitive advantage. As your VDI partner, we help your employees and end-users work efficiently from anywhere, save money while enhancing overall productivity, and increase your proftability to help you grow long-term.

If you are looking for additional criteria to help you select the managed VDI partner you need to help you grow and make your users more productive call us today.

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