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Pablo Legorreta

Pablo Legorreta
With over 6 years of hands-on Citrix experience, Pablo Legorreta is Whitehat's Principal Enterprise Architect and lead virtualization expert. In his free time, he is committed to volunteering with the Ronald McDonald House.
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Fixing OneDrive & AppVolumes Issues in VMWare Horizon

With Office365 applications becoming more popular within Virtualization environments, one of the more commonly used...

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NVIDIA vGPU 101 Passthrough vs. vGPU & Why it Matters?

Now on third generation technology, the ability to deliver a great graphic experience in virtual desktops and virtual...

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SAML/Single Sign on with Citrix

Two of enterprise businesses’ biggest headaches are addressed by a single solution:  Security Assertion Markup Language...

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How Citrix Desktop Virtualization Reduced New Hire Onboarding by 80%

Do you need to bring onboard new employees and get them productive fast? Are you a business that frequently sources...

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How to Implement LDAPS or SSL for Netscaler Authentications to AD

As a Citrix Consultant implementing AGEE, I am often asked how to secure the connection from Netscaler/AGEE to LDAP....

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Have You Checked Out PVS 7.1 Yet?

Have you checked out PVS 7.1 Yet? 

If not then you don’t know what you are missing!

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