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Say “Never Again” to 14 Things with VDI Appliances

Val King
Posted by Val King on Aug 19, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Virtual Desktops (VDI) enable companies that utilize the technology to secure data and desktops in the data center and deliver virtual desktops – including those with some of the most graphics-intensive applications in the world – to anyone, anywhere with Internet, on any device.

Working from Home (WFH), or telecommuting, is a great practical application of the “Any, Any, Any” mantra. WFH is more the rule now than the exception it has been for the last 20+ years and certainly makes a compelling case for VDI in 2021 and going forward.

One of the significant challenges with VDI is that to achieve the “Any, Any, Any” gold standard, you have to first solve for “Many” – the many components that must be working in concert to deliver a great VDI experience. The many candidates you must interview to find your VDI genius and the many hardware and software decisions you will have to make to ensure the proper foundation is in place for VDI greatness.

Cloud offers a shortcut, with products from GCS, AWS, Azure, VMware, and Citrix expanding or making their entries into the cloud space. Desktops as a Service are also an option in some instances, from Whitehat Virtual or dozens of other vendors, of varying quality and use cases.

Whitehat’s Titanium Citrix and VMware VDI Appliances solve the problem of “Many,” deliver on the “Any, Any, Any,” and promises 14 “Never Agains” for those that have or are experiencing the challenges that come with building and managing VDI environments.

Recently, our VDI support teams had a little fun identifying 14 things the customers of Titanium HCI VDI appliances should never have to do again. Here is the list we came up with, in no particular order:

  1. 1. Never worry about the messy bits of VDI, figuring out what hardware to buy, how to build a VDI
  2. environment, managing VDI, patching VDI, or upgrading VDI servers ever again.
  4. 2. Never worry about managing Citrix NetScaler/ADC ever again, no matter how complicated.
  6. 3. Never worry about anti-virus or exclusions in VDI ever again.
  8. 4. Never pay for another application upgrade implementation or VMware/Citrix upgrades again.
  10. 5. Never worry about the transition from Windows 7, 8.1, 10, or Server 2008R2+ to any other OS ever again.
  12. 6. Never pay for third-party tools or ongoing support to help manage VDI, ever.
  14. 7. Never install another application in VDI again.
  16. 8. Never worry about printing in VDI again.
  18. 9. Never worry about managing profiles again.
  20. 10. Never worry about group policies related to VDI again.
  22. 11. Never worry about the need for adding, sizing, NVIDIA vGPU graphics capabilities, or configuring GPU to work well in a VDI environment.
  24. 12. Never spend time figuring out why Teams, Chrome, Outlook, M365, and Edge are misbehaving.
  26. 13. Never worry about who is taking care of VDI issues when the VDI person/team is sick, taking days off, or enjoying a well-deserved holiday.
  28. 14. Never worry about buying replacement servers or replacing old servers because they are no longer able to deliver the optimal VDI end-user experience.

Titanium HCI delivers an easy, guaranteed-great VDI experience that is maintenance-free and eliminates the need to maintain specialized skills to achieve the benefits of VDI.

VDI technology is complex, but that does not mean VDI customers have to experience that complexity. VMware and Citrix VDI customers have signed up for the benefits and capabilities of VDI, not the messy maintenance aspects required to maintain the best end-user experience. Take a look at how VDI appliances can simplify the larger IT picture around desktop delivery and make VDI as Easy as Pie.

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