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Titanium HCI: VDI-in-a-Box

Val King
Posted by Val King on Apr 13, 2022 10:49:27 AM

One of the major challenges when it comes to desktop virtualization is the fact that you are dealing with an innovative technology that is often new and requires some guidance to learn the ropes.

Many companies find it helpful to partner with a VDI solutions provider to handle the initial build out of the environment, and depending on available internal IT talent, potentially having it patched, managed, and maintained across the business. 

There are options, like Citrix or VMware Horizon Managed or Co-Managed Services, that can significantly reduce the cost, time, and skillset needed to deliver an exceptional virtual desktop environment with a great end-user experience to boot. However, businesses might be uncomfortable with, or can’t afford, Citrix or Horizon VDI managed support services.

Luckily, there is another option – Whitehat Virtual’s Titanium HCI – or what we like to call VDI-in-a-Box. All of the hardware, software and management expertise needed to deliver a guaranteed great end-user experience in one solution.New call-to-actionTitanium HCI is Whitehat Virtual’s flagship hyperconverged VDI appliance for both Citrix and VMware Horizon environments. It is the most complete VDI-in-a-Box solution, delivering scalability and full lifecycle management and support for both Citrix and VMware VDI environments. Offering a complete, self-contained system to deliver hardware, software, and management, Titanium HCI delivers everything users need to be successful, including guaranteed VDI performance and a great end-user experience while lowering the total cost of ownership.

Titanium HCI is easy to set up, manage, and maintain. It enables users to have the advantages associated with full desktop virtualization without the complexity and specialized staffing costs.

Built on the strength of Dell and VMware technologies, Titanium HCI delivers scalability and easy hardware management and support. The solution provides the stability and performance benefits of best practices learned from more than 1,500 optimizations cataloged by the Whitehat Virtual team’s proven experience. It is easy to set up, manage, and maintain. It also enables users to have the advantages associated with full desktop virtualization without the complexity and attendant high costs. Additional benefits offered by Titanium HCI include the following:

  • Sub 30-second VDI user logins
  • No performance bottlenecks
  • Automatic issue resolution
  • Fixed, predictable cost
  • Available with traditional or consumption-based, pay-as-go pricing
  • Zero-cost Citrix and VMware upgrades
  • Fully deployed and managed
  • With everything Whitehat knows about managing VDI environments around the world.

Designed for users that want the power, flexibility, security and remote access VDI environments provide without the need for VDI build or operations expertise, Whitehat Virtual’s Titanium HCI packs everything that’s needed in a fully managed hyperconverged appliance. Titanium HCI is the easiest way to build your own VDI environment and the only way to build a VDI environment with a guaranteed end-user experience.

Titanium HCI can address the virtual desktop needs of essential office workers through the most demanding applications used by architects, engineers, and those in the media and entertainment industries.

In addition to the benefits of Titanium HCI listed above, the advantages of Titanium HCI are as follows:

  • Cost Savings: Users will be able to get their virtual desktop infrastructure up and running in no time –without having to pay for the costly expensive infrastructure and expensive overheads of providing storage, servers, database servers, load balancers, connection brokers and others. These irrelevant costs represent about 60% of the total cost required to virtualize the desktop. In fact, users can have the virtual desktop for just around $260 to $475 each.
  • 1500 VDI optimizations maximizing VDI performance: Titanium HCI clients benefit from 1,500+ optimizations across all thirteen systems VDI relies on to deliver a great end-user experience that Whitehat Virtual has learned managing thousands of virtual desktops around the world, 24/7. A new discovery in one customer environment becomes an update benefitting all Titanium customer environments. 
  • More capable computers for employees and contractors available anywhere there is internet access from repurposed computers, mobile devices, tablets, Macs or PCs: Users can just repurpose an existing computer or simply use a tablet and they will have very powerful machines at their fingertips with Titanium HCI.
  • Extend hardware resources: PC and endpoint refresh can often be extended because the powerful virtual desktop computers come from the capabilities of the servers, not the end device the User is accessing, often for an extended number of years before needing a PC refresh.
  • Empower remote work: Titanium HCI also enables the staff to work anywhere, making use of any device they wish. As long as they have Mac, HDX-enabled PC, tablets, or smartphones, they can easily get to work anywhere!
  • Give users their own personalized desktops: Different users could have their own desktops on which they can easily install their applications. They could also configure and personalize these.
  • Expansive features: More features such as high availability, Follow-me desktops, NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) for graphics intensive workloads, multi-factor authentication, and many others become available with simplicity and flexibility without worrying about how to make it all work.
  • Quite easy to manage: Titanium HCI is centrally managed and maintained for you, essentially a black box delivering perfect desktops every day.
  • Automated issue remediation: Titanium HCI includes some intelligence to identify issues before the end-user and take automated steps to correct the problem ideally before end-users notice.

What’s more, companies can scale the number of users they want to support up or down by utilizing Whitehat’s consumption pricing, where you only pay for the active users in the environment.

Scaling beyond the capacity of the hardware is no problem, as additional Titanium servers can be added depending on the requirements. Users don’t need to redesign anything. If they do not have the personnel or the budget to handle application or desktop virtualization in their company, then they might find help with a company that offers Citrix managed support services. However, if users find themselves in a tight spot, they can depend upon Titanium HCI to virtualize any desktop quickly and easily and save on the costs in the process.

Titanium HCI for VMware Horizon or Citrix is a fit for companies that like the idea of being out of the IT infrastructure business and just consuming IT resources on demand, from the safety and security of their own datacenters, requiring zero VDI expertise to manage, support, and upgrade VDI desktops guaranteed to deliver a great end-user experience.

Titanium HCI is available as-a-Service from Whitehat Virtual for companies that want to go one step farther and avoid having any onsite server infrastructure at all.

Whitehat Virtual’s Titanium HCI, is available now. For more information, visit: www.whitehatvirtual.com Call UsRead more in the blog: Why the End-User Experience Is Not Good for Your Remote Workforce

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